Procession For The Future this weekend – March 6-8th!

Students For Peace and Justice, an organization bridging Naropa Peace Studies students , CU-Boulder students and local students of life will be co-sponsoring the Procession for the Future events this weekend!

March 6-8, SFPJ, the Backbone Campaign, and numerous co-sponsors will bring the Procession for the Future to Boulder. The Procession is a three day event, geared toward raising awareness and catalyzing broader support for the kinds of progressive change that we hope to bring to this country and to the world. The event will address environmental crises and sustainable living, economic injustice in many of its manifestations around the world (including those unfolding in our country today), militarism, and other issues that relate to the deterioration of the planet. The Procession is a means of representing all the positive things that we’d like to characterize our future, and the movement committed to making our hopes a reality.

They have an amazing (and detailed) three day schedule! Please check it out at the SFPJ Homepage!


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