Wanted: True Stories of Peaceful Conflict Resolution for a Book

We received this wonderful call for submissions in our mailbox this week and thought you too might be interested:

Your experience can make a difference as part of an upcoming book!

I’m putting together a book that will be a collection of stories of peaceful conflict resolution, to be published by Real People Press. I already have about 40 stories, and I’m looking for ten to fifteen more. If you know of a story, or have one of your own that might be a fit for this book, please contact me at andrema AT earlham DOT edu.

I’m looking for any story where a potential conflict was transformed. These stories can be from any context: home & family, school, work, community, international, crime, war, etc. They can be from everyday life or extraordinary situations. Sometimes it might be someone’s sense of humor that saved the day, the ability to think quickly, or someone’s loving presence.

You don’t need to be a writer to contribute. If you prefer, I will interview you on the phone, record the conversation, and write the story for you. You will always have final approval before anything goes into print.

** To give balance to the book, I am particularly looking for any stories from a Muslim or non-Christian perspective, or any stories regarding civil rights. But of course all stories are very welcome.

To read one of the stories that will be in this book, go to: http://realpeoplepress.com/blog/the-plywood-artwork


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