NAACP’s Julian Bond Speaks Out At HRC Dinner

Wow. You simply must watch this speech. He said what needed to be said.  It felt like he hit the ball out of the park with some dearly essential points in just the first ten minutes.

NAACP’s Julian Bond brings the spirit of Coretta Scott King to the table at the Human Rights Campaign dinner and speaks with heart and eloquence to address the dizzying rumors on the similarities and differences of  the Black community at the intersections of the LGBT community to the 1950’s African American struggle. This graciously impressive speech is a history lesson of the continuing Civil Rights Movement including the gay and lesbian community from a gentleman who worked in the heart of the Black Freedom Movement.

Blooming with brilliant facts, statistics, charm and the wisdom of knowing  first hand the makings of a movement, this speech is so very timely. I am so grateful for Mr. Bond’s radiant words in dispelling oppressive religious and social beliefs and being an ally in bridging the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender communities and African American communities.

That last two minutes left me especially misty eyed. We’re all okay, brilliantly beautifully okay just the way we are.  Now we have yet another model to be downright classy in our work for civil rights.

– MJ


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