Naropa’s Annual Peace Lecture!


Naropa University was recently graced with the presence of  Sister Helen Prejean, author of Dead Man Walking for Naropa’s second annual John and Bayard Cobb Peace Lecture.  For the last three decades, Sister Helen has been a tireless activist in the fight to abolish the death penalty. A renowned activist, author, speaker and spiritual teacher, Prejean has worked to educate citizens on capital punishment in the states as well as  helped to shape the official Roman Catholic view of and stance on the death penalty.

She is an immensely intelligent and passionate speaker and social justice activist,  clearly showing the intersectionality between the United States judicial system,  racism as well as wartime torture, and the cultural climate around the notion of terrorism. What an amazing guest to have for our second annual Peace lecture! It was an educational, inspirational, joyous honor to host Sister Helen that we will never forget and hope to collaborate with her in the future.

The peace lectures began last year as Naropa’s Peace studies degree became official. Learn can check out more on Sister Helen Prejean here:

Naropa’s Peace Studies Lecture Series

Sister Helen Prejean’s official website

On Twitter @HelenPrejean


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