Two Naropa Peace Studies Students go to Colombia to Study Nonviolence

Cofres SimbolicosWe are excited to share news regarding a trip two of our students will go on in August to study nonviolence in Colombia. Check out their blog here! Emily and Nathan will be headed to San José de Apartadó (and surrounding area), to visit various farming communities who have been engaged in nonviolent resistance to the violence from paramilitary, military, and guerrillas. During their stay in Colombia, Emily and Nathan will witness the stories of those who for decades have dealt with threat, murder, kidnappings, and intimidation at the hand of these three armed groups. Since declaring themselves a “Community of Peace” it is imperative that internationals visit the community, listening to the stories of the locals and then taking their message back home with them. Upon their return, Emily and Nathan, along with Dr. Elizabeth Lozano, will be a part of several presentations to share their experience while in Colombia. This witnessing, and sharing is an important part of the solidarity that this community needs. Check out more details on their blog.


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