International Peacebuilder Dr. Paula Green to Speak at Naropa

Dr. Green brings to her work a synthesis of personal change, social responsibility and spiritual awareness. Dr. Green will explore root causes of conflict, obstacles to peace, and the creation of learning environments and cultures of peace. Dr. Green has extensive international experience in peacebuilding and taught at several graduate schools, universities, and other educational centers worldwide before coming to SIT in 1995. As a facilitator in interethnic dialogue, conflict transformation, and community reconciliation, she has worked in Bosnia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Israel and Palestine, the Caucasus, Rwanda and Eastern Africa, Sri Lanka, Burma, Nepal, India, and many other regions. Dr. Green founded and directs the Karuna Center for Peacebuilding, an NGO located in Amherst MA. In addition to consulting and training, Dr. Green has been an active board member of several international peace organizations, including the International Fellowship of Reconciliation. She is the author of numerous internationally published articles and chapters. Dr. Green co-edited the textbook, Psychology and Social Responsibility: Facing Global Challenges.


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