Share the Love!

A Valentine’s Day Message from The Metta Center:

Swami Ramdas, known to his devotees as “Beloved Papa,” was once asked, “Is hate the opposite of love?” He answered surprisingly, “No. Love has no opposite.”

Obviously he was not only talking about what we call romantic love, he meant that love was the underlying power of creation–driving all of evolution.

The highest love is the love of one’s enemy in the sense that it requires the deepest transformation of ourselves and therefore has the greatest power to drive out hate, as Martin Luther King said.


Love must then be a form of power, perhaps the strongest and most creative power we have. It is also a skill that we can perfect from day to day.

Loving does not mean blind acquiescence to something we regard as wrong–in fact, quite the opposite. Resistance carried out in this spirit is another form of love, another skill, another power.

We want to make love a living force in our own lives. Nonviolence is the way.

Love, The Metta Team

PS: Share the love by passing on this message as you wish!


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