Naropa University Seeking Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies & Peace Studies

“Naropa University seeks candidates for Core Candidate Assistant Professor for a shared appointment to the Environmental Studies and Peace Studies programs. We seek scholar-teacher-practitioners, to teach both undergraduate and graduate courses, with competencies in the areas of non-profit management and social entrepreneurship, social innovation, sustainability, service/community based learning, and supervised practicum/capstone experience. Teaching assignments may also include other areas in the Environmental Studies and Peace Studies curricula, such as community development, economics, public policy, peace and conflict, and global studies/international affairs. The programs offer a unique and creative approach to the field, integrating academic rigor, critical awareness of the social dimensions of ecology/sustainability, peace studies, social responsibility issues, and the foundational practices of contemplative education. We seek candidates with demonstrated track-records of excellence in teaching at the college level.  The successful candidate will resonate with Naropa’s mission, “transform yourself, transform the world,” and demonstrate excellence in transformative teaching and pedagogies that educate people toward “lives of commitment in a complex world.””

Please pass this on to your networks and help us find the perfect candidate for this position!


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