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A Valentine’s Day Message from The Metta Center:

Swami Ramdas, known to his devotees as “Beloved Papa,” was once asked, “Is hate the opposite of love?” He answered surprisingly, “No. Love has no opposite.”

Obviously he was not only talking about what we call romantic love, he meant that love was the underlying power of creation–driving all of evolution.

The highest love is the love of one’s enemy in the sense that it requires the deepest transformation of ourselves and therefore has the greatest power to drive out hate, as Martin Luther King said.


Love must then be a form of power, perhaps the strongest and most creative power we have. It is also a skill that we can perfect from day to day.

Loving does not mean blind acquiescence to something we regard as wrong–in fact, quite the opposite. Resistance carried out in this spirit is another form of love, another skill, another power.

We want to make love a living force in our own lives. Nonviolence is the way.

Love, The Metta Team

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Community Relations and Office of Human Rights in Boulder, CO

Did you know that our fair city has a “Community Relations and Office of Human Rights”?

Check out their web page, including upcoming events celebrating MLK day, to see how you can get involved and participate!

Boulder MLK poster 2014

Boulder MLK_2014 Do_You_Know_Who_I_Am

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Rocky Flats Nuclear Guardianship Meeting 1/23/2014

Contact the Rocky Mountain Peace & Justice Center for more information on the following:


Dear Friends,

You are receiving this notice because you have attended an event, signed a petition or otherwise let us know you are concerned about radioactive contamination at Rocky Flats. You are invited to attend a meeting to discuss current plans for the construction of the Jefferson Parkway through land contaminated with plutonium adjacent to the former Rocky Flats weapons plant, as well as plans to open the Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge to public recreation, and other important public health issues related to the inadequate clean up of the site. The meeting will be in the Community Room at Alfalfa’s Market on January 23, 2014 at 7:30pm.

The Rocky Flats Nuclear Guardianship project is looking to increase community involvement in what happens in and around Rocky Flats. You will hear an update on the current situation from nuclear guardians, and have an opportunity to ask questions, express your concerns and share your ideas. Most importantly you could get involved in planning and implementing strategies for stopping construction of the “plutonium parkway” and visioning future plans for creating more awareness about what dangers the “clean up” left behind at the site and what can be done to protect the public from such dangers. All are welcome, especially those who live close to Rocky Flats or in nearby communities.

The meeting will be held in the Community Room at Alfalfa’s market on the corner of Broadway and Arapahoe in Boulder. Alfalfa’s asks that we use the parking lot across Arapahoe from Alfalfa’s, rather than the Alfalfa’s lot. The entrance to the Community Room is near the southwest corner of the building, not through the store. Please arrive by 7:30pm. The meeting will adjourn around 9pm. We are grateful to Alfalfa’s Market for their generous offer of this space for our use.

We hope to see you there!
-RMPJC Staff


First Annual Chief Niwot Forum

“Let All That Is Indian Within You Die: The History of Native American Boarding Schools.” Thursday, November 14, 2013, 7:00 p.m.

Details from the invite: The Boulder History Museum and the Native American Rights Fund proudly announce the first Annual Chief Niwot Forum…. BHM and NARF [feel] that we should continue to offer compelling Native American historical topics to the Boulder community.

We begin this annual event with Let All That Is Indian Within You Die: The History of Native American Boarding Schools. Don Wharton, longtime attorney at NARF will educate us on the philosophy behind these schools, the experiences of the students and the emerging effort to heal the damage done during the boarding school years.

For tickets go HERE.

For more information go HERE.